How to connect your Pinterest account

Follow the steps below to connect your Pinterest account to PinsGPT. Once connected, you will get a Connection ID which you can use in PinsGPT.

Sign up for PinsGPT

If you haven't already, sign up for You need to create a account which you will later connect your Pinterest account with. Your account will allow you to manage your Pinterest connection and other settings.

Connect to Pinterest

PinsGPT needs your permission to get your Pinterest data. Depending on your use case, PinsGPT may read your account information, Pins and Boards, catalogs, and campaign data. Once you're successfully connected, you will get a Connection ID. You can use this Connection ID when chatting with PinsGPT.

If you have signed in, click the button below to start connecting your Pinterest account. Otherwise please sign in first and come back to this page.

Sign In

Manage your Connection ID

Treat your Connection ID as a password. Do not share it with anyone. Your Connection ID and other connection information can be found on your account page. You can also disconnect or revoke your existing connection at any time.